Lunch & Learns

As a thank you for your business and continued support of our organization, Statcomm offers a curriculum of educational presentations to our existing clientele at no cost. This is a part of our ongoing efforts to educate, inform, and prepare Community Managers and Associations for the myriad of testing & inspections, repairs, and challenges that come with managing a property’s fire and life safety systems.

Below is a list of presentations currently offered by Statcomm with the approximate running times.  Each presentation can be customized to meet your organization’s needs.

Lunch and Learn Curriculum

  • Fire & Life Safety System Essentials (1-1.5 hr)
  • Understanding Water Based Fire Protection Systems (1-1.5 hr)
  • Understanding Fire Alarm Systems (1-1.5 hr)
  • Understanding Auxiliary Systems:  Emergency Lights, Fire Doors, Rubbish Doors & Chutes (1-1.5 hr)
  • Fire Extinguishers: Requirements, Maintenance, & Usage (1-1.5 hr, depending on # of
  • attendees.  Uses a training machine to teach attendees how to use a fire extinguisher and practice
  • putting out simulated fires.)
  • Fire & Life Safety Systems & The Property Manager/Owner’s Responsibilities (or Homeowner’s Association) (2.5-3+ hours)
  • The Essentials of Fire Prevention (1-1.5 hr)
  • Fire & Life Safety Masterclass (3+ hours, covers all system and inspection types in detail)The Essentials presentation is designed to bring all attendees up to a baseline of knowledge; as such, we recommend the curriculum starts there even if it will be a review for some.  Further presentations increase in detail and complexity.Each of these presentations can be done with a lunch provided by Statcomm.  We can include a quiz and prizes at the end of the class if you wish, and can bring laptops and projectors or use equipment provided at the training location.The range of length of the presentations largely depends on the participation of the group and how many questions are asked, however we will make every effort to meet your time constraints.

    Please contact our Marketing team to schedule a presentation!
    650-988-9508 or

    (Breakfast and Learns also available)