When you choose Statcomm for your fire extinguisher needs, you are choosing the highest quality service and compliance in the industry- Our shop only uses manufacturer specified parts, extinguishing agent, and procedures to provide the best assurance of proper extinguisher function and liability protection for your property.

California Fire Code mandates periodic inspections and maintenance to ensure extinguishers are kept in peak performance and readiness; the following list details the procedures and requirements for fire extinguisher service:

Monthly Inspection

Once per month, each extinguisher is inspected for damage, proper pressure is verified, access to the extinguisher is unobstructed, and the tamper seal and safety pin is properly in place.  This is normally performed by maintenance staff or owners, and the result can be recorded on the backside of the certification tag, kept on a separate log, or done by electronic monitoring.


Annual Maintenance

Annually, a full external inspection of extinguisher components is done by a licensed contractor.  Along with the criteria from the monthly inspection, the weight of the extinguisher is checked, the hose is verified to be free of obstructions, and the pull pin is operated to make sure it can be removed from the valve during use. A new tamper seal is installed and an annual certification tag is affixed to the extinguisher.

Internal Maintenance

Internal Maintenance is the discharge of the extinguishing agent, replacement of valve components and an inspection of the inside of the cylinder to ensure there is no damage or corrosion inside.  The extinguisher is then recharged.  Internal Maintenances are done every 6 years (on most extinguishers), or if the extinguisher is over or under pressure or weight.  

Hydrostatic Pressure Test

Hydrostatic Pressure Tests are done every 12 years (on most extinguishers) to verify the extinguisher’s structural integrity and help ensure its safe use and operation. Testing is performed by a trained and licensed technician and an internal maintenance is also done. 

During the service, Statcomm technicians will also check for and repair common extinguisher and cabinet deficiencies such as:

  • Undersized extinguishers for coverage area
  • Extinguishers improperly mounted or hung
  • Extinguisher under pressure or weight
  • Corrosion on base of extinguisher due to sitting in water
  • Broken lever, missing or damaged handle, bent pull pin
  • Recalled extinguishers or extinguishers the manufacturer no longer supports
  • Broken tamper seal
  • Missing or faded signs and stickers
  • Missing break glass devices or lack of emergency access
  • Damaged locks
  • Broken glass
  • Missing or damaged cabinet and components

A National Fire Prevention Association study from 2010 illustrates the need for and importance of having the right fire extinguishers on hand for your multi-occupant residential or commercial facility. The data below provides a sobering reminder of just how important properly functioning extinguishers are, their effectiveness in the early phases of a fire, and how costly not having ready-for-use extinguishers can be:

  • Fires handled entirely by extinguishers with no Fire Department dispatch needed: 1,997,250
  • Commercial structure fires handled entirely by Extinguishers with no Fire Department dispatch needed: 147,000
  • Estimated savings in avoided property loss in commercial buildings: $4.998 Billion
  • Fires in which fire extinguishers were the only needed form of fire suppression: 5,326,000
  • Fires in commercial structures in which extinguishers were the only needed form of fire suppression: 392,000

Statcomm Inc. carries a wide variety of fire extinguishers as well as the knowledge, skill

and facilities to ensure your life safety equipment remains at peak readiness at all times. For

more information, or to schedule a site walkthrough and inspection, we invite you to contact us.


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