Fire Alarm Systems

We carry, install, and service fire systems from all the biggest names in fire safety

Fire Alarm Whether you need a system hardwired into your building or a wireless solution you can monitor, a simple series of battery-powered smoke detectors and pull alarms or a sophisticated monitoring and emergency contact system, Statcomm has the answer you need! We carry, install and service fire alarm system components from the biggest names in fire safety. In addition, we can design, install, upgrade, maintain, service and inspect existing fire systems to help ensure they are brought into compliance and work when you need them.

Statcomm is an authorized distributor for the following fire alarm systems:

  • Farenhyt Engineered System

  • Silent Knight

  • Harrington

  • CWSI

  • AES

  • DSC Cellular Communicators

  • BOSCH Fire and Safety

  • Duct Detectors/Smoke Dampers

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