We’re very pleased you take the time to read our newsletter. We work hard to bring you information which can help keep you, your family, your tenants and your property safe. But “all work and no play,” as they say, isn’t fun or enjoyable for anyone.

At Statcomm, we take fire and life safety very seriously. They’re serious topics and deserve to be treated as such. Still, just like you, sometimes we just want to relax a little and switch gears without losing our focus on the things that matter. We want to make Statcares not only informative, but fun and rewarding to read for our clients, friends and neighbors. To help make this happen, we decided to bring a little extra excitement to our newsletter with our Captain Contest!

In every issue of Statcomm Spotlight, simply watch for the Captain Contest logo and answer a simple question about the content of the newsletter. Each correct answer earns you an entry into the quarterly drawing. If you play at least three of the four drawings, you will be entered into a special annual drawing for a very special gift! This gift is a tangible way for us to say “Thank you!” for being a loyal reader and taking fire safety as seriously as we do. We hope you’ll keep reading Statcomm Spotlight and play along with us, for a chance to win some terrific prizes while keeping yourself informed about the latest in life and fire safety from your friends at Statcomm!

Question #1. What does NFPA stand for?

Please submit your answer to askstat@statcomm.com 


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