At Statcomm, we like to provide our clients the most accurate and up-to-date bids and information possible. The site walk is our first opportunity to examine the properties, structures, fire alarm/suppression and life safety systems at firsthand and eye-level, so to speak. Thus, a site walk is an invaluable preliminary evaluation/inspection tool, allowing us to identify equipment/devices (locations and manufacturers), accessibility factors as well as any potential deficiencies that can be determined during the cursory visual evaluations.

When a potential client contacts Statcomm for a bid, we first send out a Pre-Site Assessment Form. This form allows us to gather a lot of information before we proceed on the actual site walk, so we can get a basic idea of what to expect. Once we receive and evaluate this form, we then set up a formal site walk with our Business Development Department. Once this is done, we send out a site assessor such as Kevin Anderson, our lead assessor, who has been honing his skills in this field for over a decade.

When Kevin arrives at the site, he takes his form and walks the site’s perimeter, property lines and common areas, making notes and taking pictures of fire hydrants, standpipes and other fire safety-related equipment. Ideally, this would be done with the property manager or their representative (though not required), so our assessor can access non-public-facing areas such as fire panel rooms and the property manager can see what the potential problem areas are along with the assessor. 

Once this process is done, Statcomm’s Business Development Team takes the information gleaned from the site walk and the Pre-Site Assessment Form to develop an accurate bid for necessary services and upgrades. Bids are based on this information as well as the latest National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) standards and applicable California building and life safety Code directives. It’s just one more way we at Statcomm work to make sure we give the right quote for the right services the first time, every time! 


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